How is this website accessible?

  1. The information written on this website is simple and easy to comprehend.
  2. Headers and content formatting is used properly, to be displayed correctly on accessibility software or devices.
  3. Alt text descriptions are used on every multimedia element of the website, so they can help to understand their meaning and/or provide a clear description they cannot be seen.
  4. The sitemap helps people navigate throughout the website.
  5. There are no tables that can cause visibility or display problems.
  6. Color combinations have a high contrast, making it easy to anyone to navigate through the website and understand its functions and meanings.
  7. Clear, logical, visible and understandable navigation structure.
  8. There is no Flash content included anywhere on this website.
  9. There are no ads or non-related content. The main content can be seen above the fold.
  10. Forms are simple and properly labeled.
  11. Consistent, straightforward layout helps users navigate and understand the website.
  12. Acronyms are spelled out.
  13. Videos have subtitles, this provides a solution for users that cannot hear the audio.
  14. Clickable items are big enough to be easily accessible.
  15. This website has several suggestions for accessibility, including software and devices that could be used to enhance the use of a computer or website navigation for a person with a disability or impairment.

This website has also been tested and updated for accessibility using these website accessibility checker tools:

Accessibility Suggestions

These are some suggestions that could help you with the use of a computer or website navigation if you have a disability or impairment.

  • Use a good web browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to be sure that websites shows their features as best as possible
  • These browsers can also have useful extensions for this matter, see the Google Chrome Store and Firefox Add-ons
  • Other useful technology solutions are software for Text-to-speech, note taking, reading and writing support, visual stress and visual impairment, also ergonomic solutions could help with physical difficulties. (Know more)

This information is intended to be helpful for people with a disability or impairment. It is not meant to be a solution or treatment to them or any medical condition. The correct use and performance of these resources are responsibility of their users and owners, respectively. This information is provided to the best of our knowledge and research, but does not give any guarantees nor implies a responsibility for Britex Dental © with anyone reading this information. This is not an endorsement to buy or use any specific product or service.